Hello friend 👋

My name's Igor. I'm self-taught full stack product-minded software engineer that loves writing aesthetic and modern code while respecting architecture scalability and I am always eager to learn new things.

I have expertise in TypeScript and JavaScript. The technologies that I usually work with are React with Next.js on frontend and NestJS over Express/Fastify on backend. Currently, I'm working at Blazity building next-generation products using state-of-the-art tech with excellent colleagues 🚀

I'm also passionate about open source and building community-driven projects. I've published numerous libraries with over 500 public repositories on GitHub depending on my code. Make sure to check out my GitHub!

More about me

As you might already noticed I looove dogs, and my best friend, Gen the Japanese Akita 秋田犬 travels with me the journey called life 🐕

Apart from this - I'm also keen on photography and writing! I love to capture the moment and share it with the world, no matter the subject. I believe that photos combined with articles can create a impactful and unique experience for the reader. If it comes to writing - make sure to check out my blog!